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Cash For Junk Cars

In 1973, I got my start in cash for junk cars industry, first as a buyer who bought 1000′s of vehicles during the years at wholesale prices for re-wholesale. Absolutely everyone in my family was linked with the automotive business in various means and in 1986 I began my personal wholesale auto brand.

In June of 2008, I started purchasing both used and junk vehicles,locally and nationwide and enjoyed every bit of it. Currently were still in business and have a huge track record of provinding real value, and establishing ourselves as one of the top paying junk car buyers in the the cash for junk car market today as we speak.

Recently, we decided to take things to the next level, by expanding our web presence, to grow our brand and business, and by doing so, with the help of a couple of other changes that we made, we can now pay even more money for used and junk vehicles, plus add extra incentives such as Free 2-3 day vacations and/or $1,00 worth of restaurant and groceries gift vouchers.

If you’re interested in selling your junk car and obtaining cash for junk cars plus extra incentives, please feel free to give us a call today, and we will provide free towing and even someday pick up. I find it incredibly interesting interacting with individuals coming from all around the nation and I genuinely believe that junk and used car removal, will assist in thoroughly cleaning our environment faster.

Everyone is centering on being ‘green’ nowadays and it may possibly very well be one of the most essential things in which we as individuals can certainly do. Furthermore, I believe that our considerable expertise of both the junk and used car buying wholesale market,help us immensely on providing value and paying top dollar to anyone who chooses to junk or sell their used car to us. I find this type of business both enjoyable and satisfying.

Below is one o our youtube videos that will go into more detail about our cash for junk cars service. Feel free to request a free appraisal on your vehicle, by filling out he form on the right hand side of this website, and we will contact you shortly.


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To fill out a form, feel free to consider our main page here: cash for junk cars, or give us a call! Ask us about our special incentives offers and programs!

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  1. Get service…are you guys in Arizona. I have a lot people in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area I could refer to you guys. Thanks

  2. raja
    2 years ago

    i sell junk car in this site.and i get best price than other site.i think it is a best site to get so many can use this site.

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