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junk cars for cash

Junk Cars For Cash

In addition to top dollar, we also offer extra incentives, that you may find to be of value! To learn more, feel free to visit our main page here: cash for junk cars homepage, and you’ll find a quick 2 minute video, that goes into more detail about our services.

Many people all around the world hugely underestimate the value of junk cars, and more often than not, you’ll find a junk car on stand still for years in many the garage or driveway of many folks in today’s date. One thing that most owners of junk cars have in common, is the ideas of taking junk cars to b e exactly what they are called, junk.

While taking junk cars to be nothing more than junk is a common thing to do amongst many people, junk cars tend to be extremely valuable to junk car buyers, and junk cars for cash companies.These companies are more than willing to pay top dollar for junk cars, and more often than not will offer additional value outside of cash for any junk car that they can acquire form the public.

So, How Can You Obtain Cash For You Junk Car?

There are many ways that you can obtain fast cash for your junk car or junk cars, and for the most part, the whole process can be done in the matter of 2-5 business days, depending on a number of specifics things to take into consideration such as your schedule, and the particular approach that you take to sell your junk car or junk cars.

Junk Cars for Cash Companies Advantages

  • Free towing (Most junk car for cash companies provide free towing)
  • Cash or check on spot.
  • Easy to arrange pickup.
  • Freebies such as gift coupons and/or 2-3 day free vacations.
  • Obtain additional space in your garage.

The removal of junk cars help’s the environment become more Eco-friendly. Most junk cars for cash companies pay in between $75-$500 on average for junk cars. (This may vary depending on junk car prices in your area (city, state), and the particular cash for junk cars company that you choose to sell your junk car to).

Junk Your Car Today With Junk Your Car Today INC.!

To learn more about our cash for junk cars program, please consider our main web page by clicking here or give us a call us today at 1.888.558.4525  and on of our representatives will be more than happy to assist you and answer any questions that you may have concerning junking your car for cash!

junk cars for cash companies


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  1. Dave Saunders
    3 years ago

    Great post mate I’m looking forward to gathering a free quote today for my junk car

  2. admin
    3 years ago

    Awesome, just give us a call and we will be more than happy to make you an offer thanks

  3. Alline
    3 years ago

    I didn’t realize there was such a vast market for junk cars with so many interested buyers. I was aware that there exist restoration companies, but those are only interested in classic or muscle car models. I didn’t know there are companies that buy any kind of models. A friend of mine who lived in Miami once had a production company approach him wanting to buy his old truck which had monster tires and an opaque camouflage paint job. Well, they bought it for five hundred dollars. You may have noticed it in the movie, Wild Things, starring Denise Richards and Nev Campbell. Yep, that truck.

  4. Arturo
    3 years ago

    According to your video, you pick up in 50 states. I was wondering if the distance factors into the price you offer for the car. Does it depend on the distance from where you are based and the pickup location or do you work with towing services in each local area? I am in south Florida and I have an old british sports convertible circa 1960 with a british flag painted on the hood. It’s a cool car other than that it is on blocks and the paint is oxidized. Are your fees pretty much standard or does it depend on the car? How much would you give for mine?

  5. admin
    3 years ago

    We provide free towing in the U.S, so there would be no towing fee’s once so ever, also, submit your car info in one of our free estimate forms, so we could let you know how much we will pay for your vehcile, as we would need more information in order to give you an accurate estimate, thanks for considering us, and we hope that we can provide you with the value that your lookjing for your auto.

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